OMG Airdrop代码发布-OMG 2017年10月23日

OMG Airdrop代码发布
Jeremy Lam

OMG Airdrop代码发布-OMG 2017年10月23日空投培育出一片正在生长的森林,即OmiseGO / Plasma,并培育以太坊土壤



OMG空投本身就是一个真正的社区努力; 许多方面都致力于实现这一目标。我们想表达我们对Vitalik Buterin写作和修改原来的“多送”合同表示赞赏,Gavin Wood提供了一种获得以太坊地址的有效方法,Martin Becze和Kumavis提供了所需的地址,Frederico Araujo为必要的基础设施,比特币瑞士公司负责管理空投基金的监管,Philip Daian和Karl Floersch进行第三方合同审计,以及PawełBylica为开发最终合同本身做出的贡献。

自述文件中提供了有关代码的完整说明和详细信息。在omisego / MD文件空投库。需要注意的是,空投脚本是专门为OMG空投创建的,并且如果要将代码用于其他令牌空投,将需要仔细分析和修改。




Thank you for your continued support of OmiseGO. The OMG airdrop completed successfully on September 24th. In total, it took 5242 transactions across 36090 blocks to send 7,012,269.91226 OMG to over 460,000 people.

There have been numerous requests from the community to make the airdrop code available. We would love to share the code with the public and to the many token projects to come, and we hope that this code will be useful for uniting the Ethereum community and spreading value within it.

The OMG airdrop was itself a true community effort; many parties contributed to making it happen. We would like to express our appreciation to Vitalik Buterin for writing and adapting the original ‘many-send’ contract, Gavin Wood for providing an efficient method for obtaining the Ethereum addresses, Martin Becze and Kumavis for scraping the needed addresses, Frederico Araujo for putting necessary infrastructure in place, Bitcoin Suisse for handling custody of the airdrop funds, Philip Daian and Karl Floersch for conducting the third-party contract audits, and Paweł Bylica for his contribution to develop the final contract itself.

Full instructions and details about the code can be found in the file in the omisego/airdrop repository. It is important to note that the airdrop scripts were created specifically for the OMG airdrop and will require careful analysis and modification if the code is to be used for other token airdrops.

We are honored to release this code to the community and hope it can be used to further the Ethereum ecosystem.

OmiseGO Team




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